World Elder’s Day Africa- Celebrating “Seenagers”

We are SO proud to be working directly with the incredible team in Lagos, Nigeria to help promote and support the upcoming World Elder’s Day Africa conference; the first of it’s kind in Nigeria to address key issues affecting older adults. Our very own Moira Allan will be giving a keynote address and receiving an award for her global efforts to improve life for elders world wide. Congratulations Moira!

Check out our conversation, and be sure to leave a “goodwill message” as our global liaisons have done on our Facebook or Youtube page!

Here is our video introducing the conference, with a direct message from conference organizer David Ouldare and his team. The realities of limited electricity and wifi access could not be more real than seen here.

And here is their official video for the event:

The challenges in Africa for aging are very real. There are no pensions, and tribal living is giving away to the modern world; with children leaving villages behind to live and work in the cities. Elders are left with no one to care for them. The understanding of dementia and Alzheimers is nearly non-existent in countries like Nigeria. There is rampant superstitions that the unusual behavior associated with normal cognitive decline is associated with being possessed as a “witch” or “wizard,” being cast out of society, and having to fend for themselves.

Yet, despite the darker side, the incredible lightness of these elders always delights me to no end. They are an inspiration to us all, with their jovial spirit – and their voracious use of smart phones. They act just like teenagers, and in fact created a super catchy new term for themselves: the “Seenagers.” Moira and I were on their “Seenager WhatApp” feed, and it was blowing up all day long with pictures, quotes and little notes. JUST like teenagers!

Perhaps the new phrase for the future is: it takes a village to raise a Seenager.

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