What do you need in this moment?

Thanks again for being a part of the Age Without Borders Community. You may have even forgotten you were a part of the Age Without Borders Community.  I promise you that you were, and over the next couple of weeks I’m going to post a few reminders of why you thought that was important.

Here is what I want you to know… you are good and kind and want to blend success while taking care of the people you love.  This makes you a special force in this world, and I would like to support you as you endeavor to be this kind of well rounded human being.

If you are like most people I know, you go about life on a pretty high level of busy.

The problem with “busy” is that we are often one crisis away from having our “normal busy” turn into a whole other level of busy. Something we might even call “crazy busy.”

You may be going along life in “normal busy” mode when suddenly a situation arrives without warning.  You drop everything, and take care of someone who needs you.

Maybe a family member or friend needs surgery, or gets sick and needs you for an extended period of time. For those of us with aging parents, this can be a regular experience.  And that feeling that a parent may have a minor crisis at any moment in time leaves us constantly on edge.

Instead of experiencing a profound sense of joy and love in our relationship with the people we love, we wonder  “When is the next shoe going to drop?”

I get it.   I have been there. I have been raising four children, and have aging parents.  To someone else I might need to explain what that looks like. You already know.

Sometimes those of us that care for so many need to take a moment to be cared for.  We need to take some space from the caring and allow ourselves to receive.

In my experience this is the most challenging request you can make of someone who finds themselves always caring for others.

I want you to listen to me and trust me on this… if you do not allow in caring for yourself you will eventually find yourself feeling isolated, depressed, overwhelmed or burned out.

Right now please stop what you are doing and take a moment now and think about what YOU need.

What do you need in this moment?

Write the answer down. On a sticky note, a napkin, on your arm… writing down self-nurturing acts is the first step to doing it!

Now decide – Is it something you can give yourself?  

If not, how can you receive it?

I’m not even going to ask you to take action on this need (Although you get HUGE bonus points if you do!) What I want for you is that you start to understand you have needs and as the good human being you are, you deserve to have those needs fulfilled.

Next week I will share a few videos to keep you inspired and strengthening that foundation of Self.

In gratitude,


 Age Without Borders

P.S. I’d love to hear from you when/if you take action on the answer you received!  Just reply back to this email. (Yes, a real live human being reads it!)

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