Choosing Joy This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from AWB

Wherever you live on this tiny, gorgeous planet- may the end of the year bring you a time for reflection, celebration, family, rest, rejuvenation and joy.

I decided that 2019 should be called, “The Year of Joy.” It is such a magical word. Imagine how life can be if we wake up each day and literally, Choose Joy. My co-founder, Judy Rough and I are going to make it an ongoing theme.

I personally found some of my greatest moments of joy working with our incredible Age Without Borders family. In early 2018, we launched our Global Caregiving Summit with the combined support of: Jan Hively, Moira Allan, Bruce Frankel, Brigit Hassig, Gabriel Montiero, Betsy Wiersma and Judy Rough as co-hosts. Together we invited and interviewed over 75 thought leaders from around the globe.

I remain eternally indebted to dedication, professional expertise and selfless time to help launch this little start-up to the world. Thank you.

Together we learned a lot, we laughed a lot, cried now and then, and began to understand the global and universal power of engaging with the ones we love as we age.

Truly, being a carer is one of the most profound journeys and teachings life can offer. Our experts are working with the oldest of the old in China, developing low cost care techniques in Nicaragua; designing an entirely new paradigm for residential living with cognitive decline in Holland; or reflecting on receiving care themselves later in life.

We are all the same.

We are all carers for each other at one time or another, and we all will be receiving care as well. It is a gorgeous gift of being human. Our thought leaders gave us a treasure chest of gold. Everyone who has watched our video series remarked that it changed them in some profound way.

We repackaged the summit into an easy to view series to reach to all those who need it. We called it the Proactive Aging Series, and cut the price down to a super affordable $85.  Enjoy, and learn from over 60 video interviews organized by topics including, “Conversations that Matter, Understanding Cognitive Decline, Tools & Resources for Caregivers, Global Trends & Innovations, and Self-Care, Purpose and Community.”

Here’s a sneak peak with some advice to help us Choose Joy, by understanding the difference between change, loss, grief and mourning. Check out this insightful highlight clip from Jane Barton. Sometimes the holidays can be difficult, and her perspective is invaluable.

No matter where you are on this tiny, gorgeous planet, may the holidays and the end of the year bring you a return of the light, a sense of awe, wonder, moments of unadulterated joy and gratitude for all the gifts we have given and received this year.