How Will You Use Your Extra Season of Life?

The seasons are changing, and this week marks the autumnal equinox – a day when there is an equal balance of light and dark. In the Northern hemisphere where I live, the Fall leaves are turning, and nights are growing cool. In the Southern hemisphere, my South African friend Lynda Smith is enjoying increasingly warm days and blooming Spring flowers. We sat down together this week to talk about the seasons of life, and how lucky we are to have an extra season to use wisely.

Lynda Smith is the founder of the Refirement Network, and is an expert in planning for the second half of life. She coaches clients to examine the internalized limitations that hold us back, as well as teaching concrete tools and skills to “refire” an entirely new career, passion project or hobby. Her slogan is: Don’t Retire – Refire!

In the past 100 years, we have gained an additional 30 years of life, and those in their 60’s are far from the rocking chair! There is a new season of health, vitality and capability that offers time for tremendous contribution and impact. Lynda calls it the “younger-old.”

“Our parents and grandparents didn’t have technology, and didn’t live in a global world like we do,” said Smith. “We need to spend our time as pioneers –we are the first generation pioneering this new chapter of life as the “younger-old.” It is an exciting time to take up a leadership journey for ourselves.”

Check it out:

How are YOU spending this extra season of your life? Are you starting something new, finding your voice, giving back, running a marathon? Post a picture and a comment on our facebook page!

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