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Choosing Joy This Holiday Season
Happy Holidays from AWB Wherever you live on this tiny, gorgeous planet- may the end of the year bring you[...]
My Journey to become a “Modern Elder”- Chip Conley Style
By, Kari Henley, Co-Founder, Age Without Borders People always ask me, “Why are you working in the field of aging?”[...]
An Interview with Jim Sugarman of 4GenNow
Intergenerational Workforce Where Communication is Key Jim Sugarman is a very upbeat guy on an important mission. He is the[...]
What if you forgave yourself today?
Today I really wish I was Jewish. I love the high holidays, and believe Judaism has some of the most potent and powerful[...]
What do you need in this moment?
Thanks again for being a part of the Age Without Borders Community. You may have even forgotten you were a[...]
One thing you can do when it all falls apart.
By, Lindsay Hopper, Launch Manager Age Without Borders When someone you love gets injured, or falls ill, everything stops. If[...]

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