An Interview with Jim Sugarman of 4GenNow

Intergenerational Workforce Where Communication is Key

Jim Sugarman is a very upbeat guy on an important mission. He is the Boomer co-founder of 4GenNow along with his daughter, Millennial co-founder, Samantha Sugarman. Their purpose is one of social good, creating intergenerational collaboration… one startup at a time. They connect and match solopreneurs with intergenerational business partners from Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer to be more successful. The goal of non-profit, 4GenNow is to unleash an Entrepreneurial Renaissance to fuel economic growth in both urban and rural areas throughout the US and Europe.

Studies have shown that angel investors prefer to invest in startups with 2 or more co-founders with complementary skills and experiences.

The PROBLEM is that most investors shy away from older entrepreneurs at the end of their careers … as well as younger, less experienced business owners who lack the proper background. Matching younger and seasoned entrepreneurs from 4 generations increases the odds of launching successful intergenerational startups. Other matches include investors.

4GenNow is comprised of 1600+ Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X & Baby Boomer entrepreneurs in 35 states and 23 countries.

Jim and Samantha have hosted 2 successful annual Power Partners Summits in Denver, CO in 2017 and 2018.

Please watch as Judy Rough, COO of Age Without Borders interviews Jim Sugarman of 4GenNow.

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