Silent Generation

Welcome to our “olders!” Those born between 1927 and 1945 are now age 72 to 90 years – young! The silent generation is anything but silent. Many in this age group are still working, climbing mountains, doing yoga, championing causes and giving back. Many reject the idea of retirement as sitting idly in a rocking chair, and while the natural physical ailments of aging come and go, most are determined to redefine aging.

Age Without Borders is delighted to offer interesting global content connecting sights, sounds and stories of real people in real life from around the world, sharing the experience of ageing across countries, cultures, and generations, and shifting our perspectives towards purposeful aging.

Here is our gift to you: a video session with Kari Henley, our founder and Jan Hively, our “Provocateur in Residence,” At age 85, Jan shares her fascinating overview of the “six dimensions of wellness.”  Enjoy!