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The Proactive Aging Series is a Netflix-style video library designed for individuals and professionals seeking a well-rounded understanding of the longevity revolution, caregiving and staying healthy as we age.

Our series is easy to watch AND informative! With over 60 speakers from 17 countries, you'll gain a truly international perspective on the current state of aging, caregiving, global issues, and have tools to use right now!

We've curated an unheard of variety of experts, innovators, creators, and extraordinary individuals to showcase in each episode of our series. Discover everything from tech innovations in the global aging industry to personal caregiving stories brimming with the pain and joy of the human experience. Each episode is an exclusive interview you can't find anywhere else on the internet!

Are You Ready to Proactively approach the next 20+ years of life and live your best years ever?

Are you taking care of aging parents, partners or friends who need you, instead of embracing your turn to focus on you 

 Are you quietly facing frustration and burnout while screaming on the inside, "I need a break!"

We totally get it.

This series of videos is not going to magically make everything perfect, and I can't guarantee you will have time to watch ALL 60 of these awesome talks


If you can steal away 20 minutes here and there to watch these sessions (even if it's on your phone in the bathroom), you will feel better, be more informed and prepared to deal with the day to day reality of life as it is right now. 

You will recognize you are not alone. You will learn things that will be helpful. You will be inspired by innovations. And  you will build a new road map for your own optimal second half of life.

Join us and welcome.

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Video Session Examples
Check out these episode highlights to get a feel for the series

The Proactive Aging Series is divided into Three Themes: 

Embracing Caregiving for Family, Loved Ones and Clients

Tools, Resources, Advocacy & Action

Purpose, Passion & Proactive Aging

Each Theme is divided into Modules, and each Module contains 4-5 Episodes. This organization will help you understand the categories of content easily, so you can watch the episodes in order or based on the topics that interest you. Each episode has a highlight trailer to help you decide if you'd like to watch it.

About Our Speakers
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Patty & Libby Bortz

Amy D'Aprix

CJ Golden

Nan Bosler

Jane Barton

Liz Vogel

Connie Goldman

David "Lucky" Goff

Lois Swope

Julie Spears

John Polatz

Hayley Gleason

Lakelyn Hogan

Margie Van Zyl Chapman

Virginia Marsh Bell

Andrea Gallagher

Cameron Camp

Dr. Radha Murthy

Anne Tumlinson

Gary Barg

Tiffany Matthews

Dr. Liz Gwyther

Adora Lee

Sally Abrahms

Sandra Timmermann

Carol Levine

Tim Driver

David Inns

Justin Boogaard

Victor Wang

Jeanette McClellan

Flavio Masson

Daniel Ferraz

Frank Van Dillen

Elisabeth Flindt

Teresa Tsien

Donghee Han

LeAnn Thiemann

Dr. Roger Landry

Cathy & Gary Hawk

Joy Loverde

Dr. James Rouse

Cullen Hayashida

Dan Levitt

Kay Van Norman

Rabbi Richard Address

Christopher MacLellan

Denise Brown

Sky Bergman

Barbara McAfee

Dr. Alexandre Kalache

Rajiv Mehta

Dr. Richard Adler

Keren Brown-Wilson

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