Millenials have surpassed the baby boomers at the USA’s largest living generation. Those of you who are currently ages 20-36 now number 75.4 million strong, over-taking baby boomers, ages 53-71.

Many of you may already be serving as a caregiver for your parents or grandparents. Some of you may be interested in working with seniors as a possible profession. (There is a great need and opportunity!) Some of you may be curious to think ahead and plan for a 100 year life- something for which your generation is the first to plan, realistically.

How you live your life is so much more adaptive, flexible and open than it has been  for any other generation before. Join us here at Age Without Borders and learn all about topics that are relevant to your life to what you may helpfully share and discuss with your parents and grandparents.

Here is a video gift for you about two millennials from France, Tibault and Barthelemy, who graduated with degrees in engineering, and then promptly pivoted (as millennials will do!) to start a social enterprise  connecting seniors who have various talents with “curious people” interested to learn. In this interview by Moira Allan, our International Coordinator, it is inspiring to see how to create a career filled with meaning and purpose.