Baby Boomers

The most powerful generation of all time, the baby boomers, age 52-71, are now grappling with aging, and having the aging of their generation identified as a “silver tsunami.” Not very pleasant!

This group is actually the wealthiest, most educated and healthiest in history, and they are barreling into a new era of “Adulthood 2.0” unlike any generation before. The changing timeline of longevity and active aging is happening in real time. Baby boomers are nonetheless facing rampant ageism in society – through the workforce, and in everyday unconscious discrimination, conscious or not.  Yet, as the ultimate disruptors and change makers: they are also innovating aging, challenging widely-held misconceptions and providing important examples of continuing to engage and have a meaningful impact on all of society.

Many baby boomers are exploring retirement, how and where they want to live as they age, how to plan finances for an extended life and what creative and leisure activities may provide fulfillment as they age.   Many are interested in encore careers, lifelong learning and also struggling with the issues of being caregivers for their parents, or helping out as grandparents.

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Here is a video gift for you.  Bruce Frankel interviewed Joy Loverde, author of “Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?” and “The Complete Eldercare Planner.”  Joy and Bruce are both baby boomers, and you will love Joy’s spunky, no nonsense approach to aging and what needs to be done about it. Enjoy!