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We are a boutique virtual events company  and a hub of Education, Innovation and Solutions.  Join our global movement to grow, connect and thrive through the ages.

Age Without Borders powers global community with digital engagement.

Welcome! Kari Henley, Founder, Age Without Borders

Summit recap from our experts: this is what we're all about.

 Spending a fortune to attend conferences is expensive, time consuming and exhausting.  Age Without Borders brings cutting edge speakers, thought leaders and experts to YOU, on your own time, and at your own pace. 

Our Virtual Summits cover topics that affect you Right Now: finance, health, travel, housing, retiring, caregiving, technology, entrepreneurism and cultural community connections.  Whether you are a baby boomer, sandwich generation, silent generation, mid-life Gen X or savvy Millennial - aging is one of the most important topics of our time. 

Transform the 50 years after age 50... 

Our team is multi-generational, multi-national, multi-cultural, and multi-disciplinary. Together, we are encouraging purposeful ageing by changing norms and attitudes, creating new learning opportunities, and advocating for change. ~ Jan Hively, age 85. "Provocateur in Residence" & Advisor

We serve all generations.

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Come age with me...

I started Age Without Borders because I noticed society still fosters a pretty bad attitude about getting older, despite the fact we are living longer and healthier lives than imagined a generation ago.  

I became fascinated with the wild frontier of personal growth that awaits us all in "positive aging." We incessantly study stages of life from babies & toddlers, adolescence, dating, parenting or being productive workers. But after 50- Woah! It is a midlife CRISIS or we are Over the Hill. Guess what? Most people I talk to love being in their 50's, 60's. 70's and 80+ years. They feel healthy, strong, empowered, confident. Not at all what we are taught to believe. 

Bottom line, we are grossly unprepared in understanding how to manage an active 20 or 30+ years of our "second adulthood."   Let's change that together.

There is so much to learn. So much to get excited about. We will bring you the latest innovations in health, entrepreneurism, global community connections,​ technology, how & where we live, and tools to fundamentally plan for the future.

I decided to take the best of the virtual world and bring it to the aging industry. Our goal is to feature, support, and elevate some of the best thinkers of our time- from around the world. I am proud to have some of the mosts respected names in the industry working with me, side by side. Together, our mission is to produce world class online events that ANYONE can attend, anywhere. We are using our easy style video's to raise  global "aging literacy."  All of it is shaped by you and your suggestions. Thanks for joining us!


Shane Melaugh

“This was the most remarkable summit I have ever attended. Bravo for such a huge collection of talent! Loved listening in my own time to such a wide range of inspirational speakers - a real feast. ”

Barbara Shulman-Kirwin

Shane Melaugh

“Thank you for providing me with the access to join the Age Without Borders Virtual Summit. It was brilliantly organized and executed. I was really pleased with the diversity of presenters and ideas, and especially appreciated the international presenters, who made me aware of initiatives taking place around the world.. ”

John Kendzior, Fellowship Director at Advanced Leadership Initiative, Harvard University

Shane Melaugh

“Your events are going to change the aging literacy of the world. ”

Dr. Bill Thomas