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We collaborate with Aging Industry experts to develop engaging video, live webinars, profitable online courses, and virtual events.  Together, we are building a movement in redefining aging as a commitment to never stop growing. 

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Our organization excels in engaging global luminaries and thought leaders in the aging industry. With over 150  experts on our faculty, we are building a movement to transform our experience of getting older to be one of health, purpose, community and passion. Our Global Good initiatives inspire us everyday, and bring the world closer together.

We work directly with experts and organizations to engage a wider audience online, bring content to life, and leverage profits. We help everyone find information they need, and be able to quickly "level up" their knowledge.

Our team of aging industry experts, journalists, business executives, digital marketing guru's and virtual content geniuses are waiting to work with you. Let's go!

Kari Henley

Founder & CEO

Judy Rough

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Horst

Director of Design & Video

Moira Allan

International Director & Host

Bruce Frankel

Host & Content Editor

Gabriel Monteiro

International Advisor & Producer

Jan Hively

Advisor, "Provocateur in Residence"

Brigit Hassig

Director of Strategic Alliances

Lindsay Hopper

Manager of Launch & Content

Liz Vogel

Director of Innovation

Featured Project

Projects for Global Good

At Age Without Borders, we give back to the community by providing our video and consulting services to organizations around the globe that promote a better, more positive approach to aging.

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